Chapter 1873

These people tended to buy designer clothes one item at a time. Does the wealthy usually purchase every single item in any given store one by one? It would be wondrous if one could buy everything in a single store. The women present went from condemning Sophie Kenwick to being envious of her, all wanting a brother like Stanley Batton, too. They wished they could buy all the clothes in a single store. That was a dream for many ladies. Even if they went to an affordable wear outlet, they couldn’t possibly buy everything. However, people like Sophie and Stanley could buy everything, even in a branded store like Chanel. “Come on, let’s check out other stores,” Stanley said before casually tugging Sophie by her sleeve. She nodded. “I think you still need some purses, jewelry, and accessories. Even things like shoes, too. We’ll get everything one at a time. There’s no rush, so we’ll take our time,” he added. Sophie followed behind him obediently like a pretty doll, merely nodding

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