Chapter 1872

If they were left behind, they’d only end up dead. The women truly felt that they had made a huge mistake today. They would never have asked for trouble if they had known this would be the outcome. They were daring and arrogant because they genuinely thought that Sophie Kenwick was a powerless and poor girl. Stanley Batton kept a calm expression on his face with an indifferent look in his eyes. “Why are you still standing around?” he directed at them, then glared at the bodyguards around him. They instantly nodded and mercilessly dragged those people outside. Although they each struggled repeatedly, nothing worked. Throughout the entire process, Sophie was smiling, not even bothering to say a single word. Her adorable face looked particularly pretty because of her smile. The bystanders loitering around were also shuddering on the inside, silently watching the development in fear. That was because many of them were part of the group that belittled his sister. Some of them

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