Chapter 1845

After Sebastian Brenand left, Xyla Quest shifted her gaze to the documents on her desk that were left unsorted. It was already getting late. She didn’t want to stay in the office and make her husband, Stanley Batton, worry so she decided to resume her work the next day. As she powered down the laptop, she turned to look at Sophie Kenwick who was still entertaining herself on the iPad. “Sophie, are you hungry?” Sophie instantly snapped her head up upon hearing the question, hearing her stomach rumbling at the very moment she gazed back at Xyla. Feeling embarrassed, she scratched her head and said sheepishly, "Yeah, I am hungry.” “In that case, let’s go home and eat. I’m sorry for losing track of time and forgetting about dinner,” Xyla said. Sophie immediately shook her head. “It’s fine, Master.” She then quickly stepped forward and picked up Xyla’s purse and phone, completely giving up on her pride as a former princess and embodying her role as Xyla’s bodyguard. Once everyth

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