Chapter 1844

Xyla Quest eyed Sebastian Brenand in curiosity. “Okay, sure. What is it?” He pointed at Sophie Kenwick, who was entertaining herself with an iPad. “Can I have her?” Xyla instantly frowned when she heard this. “Old habits die hard, huh? It hasn’t even been that long, has it?” She genuinely thought that Sebastian had changed his ways, no longer his same old self. As a woman, she thought that Rachel Wood deserved better. Sebastian immediately sobered up when he heard this. “Of course not. I meant to ask if you could let me sign that girl as an artiste at my company. I think she has a lot of potential.” A beautiful lady like Sophie Kenwick would certainly receive a lot of attention in the entertainment industry. He could already see her bright future ahead. Xyla heaved a sigh of relief at his words. “All right, I thought you’ve had a change of heart.” “How’s that possible? I love Rachel with all my heart. That will never change, not until death do us part,” Sebastian declared, loo

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