Chapter 1836

After bringing Sophie Kenwick to check out her room, Xyla Quest drove away from the house with the girl in her red Maserati. A large entourage of luxury cars followed after them as security detail, attracting a lot of attention on the road. Xyla’s sports car moved forward rapidly. It was something wonderful that Sophie had never experienced before. Although she had seen such cars while her soul had been wandering, she had never physically been inside of a fast car... until now. She liked it very much. It moved much faster than horse carriages used in the past. People in this era were indeed lucky. Xyla drove with one hand while she twirled her long black, curly hair with the other. She then looked at Sophie with a smile. “Sophie, what do you think? Do you like this feeling?” Sophie nodded. “Yes, I do like sports cars. Did you know that I enjoyed exciting experiences like this back when I lived in the palace too? "Father and I used to go on horse races, and I rode extremel

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