Chapter 1835

Sophie Kenwick wanted to be compliant with her master. Seeing how obedient the girl was, Xyla Quest soon melted on the inside. It was because her appearance was like a gentle breeze outside the window. “Hmm, I won't force you if you really can’t accept it. You can wear other clothes like some longer dresses here, or even long-sleeved shirts and pants,” Xyla assured her. “It’s okay, Master. If you say I should wear this, then I will. That god did say I should follow you,” Sophie answered. With that, she clutched the clothes and wagged her finger at them. In the next instant, her former attire had disappeared, and in its place were Xyla's carefully chosen clothes wrapped around her frame. Her long, dark and straight hair was also visible, dangling past her shoulders to her waist. She looked beautiful. Her previous princess-worthy outfit fell by her feet, catching Xyla by surprise as she watched. People who possessed magical powers were way too lucky. Even a change of clothes

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