Chapter 1820

The high-pitched sound instantly drew everyone’s attention, turning their heads to look behind them. It was the sound of the elevator moving, making them curious about the impending arrival. Approximately twenty minutes later, Stanley Batton appeared in front of everyone with three bodyguards dressed in black. He wore a long black wool coat, a black belt, a white shirt, black pants, and a pair of black leather shoes. His skin appeared unusually fair in the stark contrast between black and white, creating a strong visual effect. Despite the number of people in the underground tomb, none of them sparkled more brightly than he did. He could be standing in a shroud of darkness, still, everyone felt as if the entire world had lit up the moment he walked in. Stanley was even more eye-catching than the priceless bright pearls. He wore his usual aloof facial expression and people couldn’t help but feel intimidated. Just one look at him was enough to make many of them nervous. Althoug

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