Chapter 1819

“That’s right, you’re pretty and capable. Indeed, you’re a model housewife from the Batton family.” “No wonder Mr. Batton likes you. You really are amazing.” The other archeologists also couldn’t resist complimenting Xyla Quest. They held great respect for her. Xyla, who was used to being admired and worshipped by everyone, didn’t feel particularly affected by all this attention. “You’re all too kind," she responded, still seeming poised and collected. All right, let’s figure out how to move these things.” “We have boxes specifically for the job on the helicopters. Let’s categorize the items and put similar objects in each box,” Brian suggested. “All right, let’s do that,” Xyla agreed. “I’ll send someone to get the boxes,” Brian said before issuing instructions to some of his team members, who reluctantly left shortly after. Meanwhile, Xyla remained at the site to categorize the antiques along with the other experts. There were countless antique items there that the moving r

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