Chapter 1794

Xyla Quest saw that the group led by the elderly man had arrived within her mining area. The old man was looking around above the bottomless well with an unreadable expression on his face. She had never seen him before. She immediately approached him. “Hello, I am Xyla Quest. It's nice to meet you. May I know why you’re here?” The old man smiled in a kind manner. “Nice to meet you, young friend. I’m Frederick Shaw. I was visiting my relatives nearby, and since I didn’t have anything else to do, I came up to have a look. Is this your mining area?” he asked. Although his name seemed familiar, Xyla couldn’t quite recall where she had heard it before. His mannerisms and his appearance didn’t seem to portray him as an ordinary person to her. “Were these all recently mined?” Frederick asked, pointing at some jade rocks nearby. Darren nodded. “Yes.” “As far as I know, all the items your jade mine produced were of high quality. I didn’t think you’d have such low-grade stuff now. You’v

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