Chapter 1793

Xyla Quest’s voice was gentle and soft, her pitch remaining low. Even so, the bald man and his subordinates were still terrified. Darren Green walked up to Xyla with a grim expression on his face. “Here’s what happened, Ms. Quest. These people were hunting here when they accidentally injured one of our miners. “At the time, that miner was working above the well. This bald guy suddenly opened fire in his direction. Luckily, the bullet didn’t hit the miner’s body, but it did hit the rock next to his feet. “Unfortunately, the rock was blasted apart by the bullet. Fragments of it hit and injured the miner’s face on the right,” Darren explained in detail. “After the fact, I asked this fellow why he opened fire in a mining area. He said he saw a rabbit running past the miner. He wanted to shoot the rabbit, and that’s why he opened fire, but he didn’t expect to miss and hit the rock instead. “Ms. Quest, do you think what he did even made sense? If he knew he had poor aim, why would he s

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