Chapter 1780

It was snowing in the suburbs. The sky and earth looked gray and dull. The hill that came into sight was very tall. All the plants on the hill had already wilted, and there was snow everywhere. It was a harsh yellow hue mixed with the cold white hue as far as the eyes could see. The entire hill looked lifeless. This hill was approximately a hundred meters tall. It was considered a tall hill in the hilly terrain of Atlantis. One could vaguely see a white building at its peak… Due to the great distance, Xyla Quest couldn’t see clearly what it was. After looking around, Xyla felt increasingly curious about Stanley’s objective of bringing her here. In the end, she still couldn’t suppress her curiosity. She slowly turned to look at Stanley’s face. “So… Why did you bring me here?” Could they be going to that building on the hill? Stanley smiled a little before gently ruffling her hair. “You’ll find out when we get there…” Xyla nodded obediently like an expensive white Persian cat.

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