Chapter 1779

Many people were busy taking pictures by the road. Everything that happened seemed like major news to ordinary folks. Xyla Quest’s gaze unintentionally landed somewhere outside the car. She could see that some reporters had already made their way over and were interviewing pedestrians… Xyla quickly looked away. She then slowly closed her eyes. She decided to nap for a while. Everything that happened earlier made her feel exhausted. Stanley drove with one hand while habitually holding Xyla’s hand in his. He brought her hand up to his lips and gently kissed it with his head lowered… His kiss was very gentle. It caused ripples in Xyla’s heart. However, Xyla wasn’t in the mood to think about such feelings. She had too many things to worry about. What would she do? “Oh, right… Honey… “I’ve already sorted out the paperwork for the pharmaceutical factory and the leukemia medicine production. I’ve also built the factory and hired employees for you… You can get started anytime…” Sta

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