Chapter 1775

Xyla Quest felt that it was all too coincidental. Perhaps, it wasn’t a coincidence at all. Did the things she said earlier make the nine-tailed fox angry? Was that why it was throwing a tantrum now? Xyla felt even more restless when she thought about this. That thing was a ruthless creature. If it got angry, the consequences would be dire. If Stanley Batton had fallen into its hands, he would undoubtedly be in grave danger… Xyla might also not be able to make it out alive. However, Xyla couldn’t understand what part of the things she said offended the nine-tailed fox. Outside, the winds continued to bellow… The wind scale was probably at level seven or eight. The car swayed from left to right as if it would topple over at any moment… Many trees by the road illuminated by the car lights were swaying wildly due to the wind. Various objects including glass on many tall buildings were sent flying into the air. They fell all over the place. Outside, clattering sounds could be

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