Chapter 1774

Xyla Quest personally witnessed a red spider lily tattoo appearing on the back of her right hand. The tattoo seemed almost like a real flower… What was going on? Why would a tattoo suddenly appear on her hand? It was a red spider lily… Red spider lilies signified change. According to myths, they only appeared in the land of the dead. They would appear along the river of hell with either only flowers or only leaves, but never simultaneously. Legend had it that its scent contained a unique magical ability to summon memories of the dead… Just as the thought occurred to Xyla, she could suddenly smell a faint fragrance. This was something she had never smelled before. It was neither the fragrance in the car nor her perfume… Xyla suspiciously brought the flower close to the tip of her nose. Immediately after that, she could smell the strong fragrance. This fragrance was identical to the one she had smelled earlier. Never mind that the red spider lily tattoo suddenly appeared o

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