Chapter 1765

“Anything will do,” Georgie Clementine said. “Don’t say anything. Tell me what you want to eat…” Henry Armstrong said. Georgie thought for a while. “What I want to eat isn’t available in the city… Forget it… Let’s just go to a Japanese restaurant,” she said. “Do you want to eat marinated crabs from that restaurant in the suburbs?” Henry asked. Georgie had been craving that recently. She’d ask Henry to buy it for her once every few days. Georgie nodded. “Yeah, but it’s too late. They would’ve closed by now.” “As long as you want it, I can get them to open up,” Henry said. Georgie quickly looked at the heavy snowfall. She shook her head. “No, it’s getting late. It’s not safe to drive there.” “It’s fine. I’ll drive slowly,” Henry said. “Is this necessary?” Georgie asked. “We’ll get it if that’s what you want. Why should you hold back? You can do whatever you want when you’re with me,” Henry said. Georgie immediately felt warmth spread in her heart when she heard this. Right t

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