Chapter 1764

Meanwhile, Henry Armstrong immediately stopped looking upset when he saw Georgie Clementine. In the next second, he moved close to Georgie with a gentle look upon his face. He looked at her nervously. “Honey, don’t get the wrong idea. I was innocent. I just parked when this person got into my car on her own…” While Henry was explaining, he looked like a kid who had made a mistake and was afraid his parents would get angry. He seemed genuinely terrified. Georgie found his behavior extremely hilarious. “Honestly, I swear. You can ask this woman if you don’t believe me…” Henry added. Georgie shook her head helplessly. She couldn’t resist chuckling. “Alright… I guess that’s what happened…” Georgie knew exactly what kind of person Henry was right now. Hence, she didn’t doubt him at all. “Really? Are you sure you didn’t misunderstand anything?” Henry continued to ask carefully. He seemed excited now. “No…” Georgie said. “That’s great… I’m glad…” Henry said. “Why are you here? Didn

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