Chapter 1743

The bathroom door was closed. Xyla Quest could hear water splashing. It made her feel even more restless. Xyla put her phone down and walked into the bathroom to brush her teeth as she had eaten something earlier. The moment she walked in, she could see Stanley Batton’s fully naked body. Regardless of how much time had passed, Xyla still couldn't resist being tempted. She quickly looked away. After that, she turned on the faucet and picked up her toothbrush. She put some toothpaste on the toothbrush and began to brush her teeth… The two of them focused on their tasks. When Xyla finished brushing her teeth, Stanley happened to be done with his bath. He reached for a towel from a nearby rack to dry his hair and body. After that, he reached for a bathrobe and slowly put it on. With his hair still wet, he walked over to Xyla. Not saying a word, he picked Xyla up and put her on their large bed. His simple act was a huge tease for Xyla. Stanley pressed the tip of his nose again

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