Chapter 1742

It was Zack Cassidy… Stanley Batton immediately answered the call. “Mr. Batton, you’re not asleep yet,” Zack said. “Not yet. What’s the matter?” Stanley asked. “Nothing much. I just wanted to ask if I could take leave to return to my hometown… “My mother just called. She said my father doesn’t have much time left…” Zack said. He sounded like he had been crying. When Stanley heard this, his facial expression instantly became stern. He quickly handed over the food in his hands to Xyla Quest. After that, he took a step forward. “Okay… Take my private helicopter… You can use any of my resources… You don’t have to inform me what you’ve used,” Stanley said. In a luxury bedroom on the other side, Zack’s eyes filled with tears when he heard this… He instantly sniffed and tried to maintain his masculine composure. “Alright… Thank you, Mr. Batton…” After that, Zack hung up. When he recalled what Stanley said, he immediately felt warmth spread in his chest. He silently swore in his

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