Chapter 1740

Stanley Batton picked up the call earnestly. “Professor Caines…” “Sorry to be calling you this late. When your assistant, Zack Cassidy, delivered the stuff to me today, I was occupied with something else and forgot about it… “I only remembered half an hour ago. Hence, I quickly got up and did the verification test for you. When the results came out, I gave Zack a call… “Zack told me that you weren’t asleep yet and that you just returned from a business trip. He asked me to contact you… “Back when Zack delivered the stuff to me, I had a critical governmental task. I wanted to test your stuff for you after I was done… “Who knew… After I was done, other governmental tasks came one after another. I… Uhm…” Professor Caines sounded like he was drowned in self-blame. Stanley pinched his forehead exhaustedly. After that, he looked at Xyla Quest, who seemed all ears. He tapped on the loudspeaker button. After that, he gently ruffled Xyla’s hair and looked at the phone. “So, what’s the re

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