Chapter 1739

After a busy day, Stanley Batton finally made it home in the heavy snowfall. He could see the lights in the house were left on for him the moment he looked up. That was the most heart-warming feeling in the world. Although it was chilly outside due to the gusting winds, he felt warm on the inside… Stanley ordered his men to move all the things he had bought into the living room. After that, he walked into the house in a carefree manner. The heavy snowing continued. When he walked inside, there was snow on his shoulder and hair. Stanley gently flicked the snow away using the tip of his finger. After that, he changed into his slippers and walked up the stairs. The temperature in the house was up to thirty degrees. It felt just like summer. After entering the house, he started feeling very warm. He then took off his black coat and placed it over his arm. Barely making any noise, he walked upstairs and toward the master bedroom. As soon as he pushed the door open, he could se

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