Chapter 1722

With the arrival of dusk, the sun was setting, and it was no longer as hot as during the day… The cold breezes by the ocean were very soothing. It felt almost like a northern city during springtime in Atlantis. Annabeth Cates was wearing a white bikini and a short skirt. Her slim physique was fully visible… As she had been bored at home recently, she invited her yoga teacher home to help her with pregnancy yoga. For this reason, her physique was even better than before. Her back also seemed much straighter. The curves on her body looked even better. Since Annabeth was still in the early stages of pregnancy, it wasn’t obvious yet. Hence, nobody could tell she was pregnant. Annabeth was very pleased with how she looked right now. Josh Batton wore a white shirt and a pair of white pants. Although he didn’t have any makeup on, he still looked good. To avoid being recognized by others, they both wore sunglasses, caps, and masks. Right then, the beach was particularly crowded. P

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