Chapter 1721

“No. I shouldn’t be calling it a nine-tailed fox. It should be called a nine-tailed demon fox… Because that thing is a demon in my dream,” Xyla Quest said. Ever since Yaksha told her and Stanley Batton that they had debts from their past lives… Xyla already knew that their creditor would sooner or later show up and demand their repayment somehow. Xyla simply didn’t expect it to be this soon… For some reason, Xyla felt that the demon was omnipotent… What should she do? Xyla thought that she needed to go to Yaksha for a chat after the experts verified the fur… “Alright. Let’s not think too much for now… It might only be a dream, right?” Stanley Batton said. To be honest, Stanley agreed with what Xyla was thinking. However, before they could be certain, he didn’t want Xyla to worry too much. What if… What if it wasn’t true? Xyla took a deep breath and tried very hard to close her eyes. “Yeah, I hope so… Honey, I’m really curious what happened among the three of us in our past

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