Chapter 1696

The notification that appeared on Xyla Quest’s phone was about Josh Batton and Annabeth Cates’ luxurious wedding scene… The entire world was celebrating the joyous occasion. Xyla didn’t tap on it. Instead, she silently turned to look at Josh and Annabeth. At this moment, the pastor announced with a smile on his face, “I now solemnly declare you husband and wife…” Suddenly, white rose petals fell from above their heads. Their heads became covered in white. Under the bright yet warm lights, the rain of flower petals was eye-catching… Many people subconsciously took their phones out and started filming the rain of flower petals. People began clapping loudly again. Everything seemed as wonderful as in major television production. Meanwhile, the bride and groom were like the protagonists in the show. On the live stream channel— “Sob-sob. This is what a romantic wedding looks like. It’s so beautiful. This is my dream wedding.” “In the best years of her life, Annabeth got to be w

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