Chapter 1695

This was the first time Annabeth Cates had such a moment of intimacy with Josh Batton in front of so many people. Her entire face was red. Even other parts of her skin were all blushing. She looked almost like a cooked prawn. Although the applause was thunderous, Annabeth couldn’t hear anything apart from Josh and her heart beating, as well as their breathing… “I should’ve recorded this earlier… It’s wonderful.” Xyla Quest clapped along with everyone else as she watched the two of them. She seemed envious. Although Xyla and Stanley were happy together, they never had a proper wedding… Xyla felt it was a shame whenever she thought about it. Stanley noticed the look in her eyes, and he committed it to memory. However, he didn’t say a word. Stanley silently lifted his hand and gently ruffled her hair. There was a look of affection in his eyes. The moment was even more incredible than what one would see in romance dramas. Meanwhile, on the live stream channel— “Ahh… I was alrea

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