Chapter 1690

‘Xyla Quest is the real deal…#’. Xyla Quest didn’t expect to see the Weibo news article. She quickly tapped on it, confused. Weibo News had broadcast a video. The video was taken only a while ago. In the video, Xyla was walking into the Japanese restaurant with her two hundred bodyguards. Surrounded by a group of tall men dressed in the same black attire, Xyla appeared unusually eye-catching. She looked as striking as a lone, bright rose in a large pile of green leaves. The men behind her all seemed strong, and they seemed serious. Meanwhile, Xyla had a gentle expression, and her body emanated a noble aura. At one glance, she looked like a chic and elegant lady from the upper class. The video was taken from a good angle, and it also came with very inspirational background music. It made Xyla appear formidable… There was a caption above the video. “A netizen caught sight of Xyla out for a meal. She’s the real deal, a true upper-class lady.” The video had only been published

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