Chapter 1689

“There were over fifty girls downstairs who ordered a single sashimi platter. They then took turns to take pictures… “I bet they belong to one of those female groups on the hot topics. I can’t believe they’d still come out and do this even after all that negative media. I’m speechless.” When Henry Armstrong spoke about these women, he felt utterly disgusted. Although he had met women like them in the past, he didn’t think much of them. To be honest, people like him knew their tricks. They simply chose not to burst their bubble. Men only cared about looks when they were in search of women to date. Just like how women only cared about their money, they only cared about the women’s faces. “They’ve really gone mad…” Georgie Clementine rolled her eyes. Beep, beep, beep— While they were speaking, Xyla Quest’s phone started ringing. It was Stanley Batton, and he wanted to video call her. Xyla immediately answered the call and walked out of the room. She found a place with no bodygu

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