Chapter 165

Xyla hurried inside, with Stanley following close behind her. Upon entering, she changed into a pair of slippers before looking at him and asking, “Do you have a large luggage bag?” “Yeah, it’s in the bedroom,” he replied, pointing to the bedroom. “Can I go in?” “Yeah.” Xyla immediately entered his bedroom. Entering after her, Stanley opened the closet and pulled out a huge black luggage bag from the bottom, laying it open on the floor. There were hardly any clothes in his closet. They consisted of basic colours—black, white, grey, and dark blue. “Will you be taking all these with you?” asked Xyla. “You decide.” Hearing this, Xyla took out all the clothes from his closet and placed them on his bed. She started concentrating on folding them one by one, putting them into the luggage bag. When she was done, the bag was now almost filled to the brim. Xyla let out a long sigh of relief, pulling the luggage bag to the wall. “You can pack up your personal items on your own.”

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