Chapter 164

“On purpose?” Stanley took a draw of the cigarette, slowly puffed out smoke, then looked calmly at her. It really was troublesome when a woman was too smart. “Were you hoping for a chance to get a raise, so you didn’t reject my father on purpose?” asked Xyla. Stanley frowned slightly. “No.” What was that assumption? “Then, that means you just want to be with me, don’t you?” Xyla wasn’t giving up on pressing the earlier question. Stanley kept quiet. Stubbing out the cigarette with one hand, he tossed it into a nearby trash can. His movements were swift, precise, and utterly captivating. His gaze gently traveled across her face. “What do you think?” Staring at his calm expression, Xyla gradually removed the suspicions inside her heart. She must have been thinking too much. Judging from all their time spent together, right up until this very moment, Xyla felt that Five Batton was not a person who hungered for money. It was like he thought money was crap. They had not bee

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