Chapter 1651

Annabeth Cates felt extremely touched when she heard this… She didn’t know if Josh Batton said these things because of the live stream or if he genuinely meant what he said… Annabeth only wanted to enjoy the happiness at the moment. She didn’t want to think about it. Comments in the live stream channel— “Ahh… Josh will make dumplings for you for the rest of his life. Sob-sob. Why does it sound so touching?” “Josh will make time for you no matter how busy he gets. Such divine love.” “Annabeth’s face is turning red. Their love isn’t fake. It’s real!” “Josh, what wedding gift will you give Annabeth?” Annabeth glanced at the screen. “She can decide on the wedding gift… I’m fine with anything she wants,” Josh replied politely. Comments in the live stream channel— “Ahh… I’m so jealous.” “Josh, you can fall in love, but please remember to sign a prenuptial agreement.” “That’s right… A prenuptial agreement is necessary to protect yourself.” “We won’t be signing a prenuptial agreem

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