Chapter 1650

“Do you feel very excited to fall asleep with such a handsome guy next to you every night?” “Between you and Josh, who liked whom first?” “Annabeth, be good to Josh, or I’ll kill you…” “I don’t find it hard to fall asleep, but I do get excited. Don’t worry. I’ll treat him right, and I’ll do my best as his wife. Thank you for worrying about Josh,” Annabeth Cates said. In the live stream channel— “Sob-sob… She’s so gentle. I’m a fan now.” “I don’t hate her anymore. She’s such a gentle person.” “I’ll stop hating you too. You’re really nice…” When Annabeth saw those people changing their minds, she couldn’t help but smile a little. “Thank you, everyone. I’ll do my best…” Annabeth said. Josh Batton was very efficient at making and cooking dumplings. The entire process took less than an hour. An hour later, the piping hot dumplings were ready… Josh slowly sprinkled some coriander into the pot before scooping some of the dumplings out. Many people on the live stream channel req

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