Chapter 1639

From behind, Sharon Lindt and Josh Batton didn’t look like mother and son at all. In fact, they looked more like a couple or siblings. Annabeth Cates really liked her future mother-in-law. Sometimes, human relationships were strange. Fate might have played a part. Sometimes, one would instantly like another person despite meeting them for the first time. However, the contrary also held true. Undoubtedly, it was the former for Annabeth when she met her future mother-in-law. Perhaps, it was because Sharon was a very approachable person. As a result, Annabeth didn’t feel so nervous anymore. With a smile on her face, Annabeth walked over and sat across from Sharon and Josh. Then, she started pouring tea for the two of them. Meanwhile, the game was getting intense. Sharon and Josh hadn’t noticed what Annabeth was doing at all. However, Annabeth didn’t mind. She also played League of Legends, and she knew very well that this was normal when one was playing. Soon, Sharon led Josh to

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