Chapter 1638

After carefully going through each attire, Annabeth Cates finally put on a white cardigan dress… The dress had a white belt with Gucci’s logo on it. Annabeth looked much classier when she wore an international brand. Not only that, but her physique appeared better too… When Annabeth looked up, she saw how her waist was thin and her legs were long. Somehow, she had a noble aura. After making sure her outfit was fine, she carried the skincare products and cosmetic goods into the bathroom. After washing her hands at the spotless basin, she put on contact lenses. The contact lenses Sharon Lindt had brought were black, beautifying lenses. The moment she put them on, she suddenly felt as if her eyes had been enlarged… After that, Annabeth quickly smeared on a few layers of high-class skin care products. Once she was done, she used a beauty blender to put on a thin layer of high-quality liquid foundation. Annabeth then applied powder upon her face before fixing her eyebrows, eye shad

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