Chapter 1636

Immediately after that, Josh Batton walked in with a few bags that had luxury brands’ logos on them. Josh was wearing a dark blue, loose, V-neck shirt with a pair of long, white pants. His sexy collar bones, long neck, and perfect jawline were evident… He appeared very bright and relaxed like this. Annabeth Cates felt joyful just by watching him silently like this. “Josh… Good morning…” Annabeth said. Out of curiosity, she looked at the bags. Various female attire and undergarments came into sight… Josh smiled a little before walking up to her. He reached out and gently ruffled her bangs. “Why are you up so early? Were you unable to sleep well in an unfamiliar environment?” His voice and gaze were refreshing… “No. I just had a lot on my mind,” Annabeth said softly. “Silly girl. Didn’t I tell you already? The company and I will take care of everything… Don’t worry. The company will sort things out. “Georgie just called me a while ago. The Public Relations Department has been

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