Chapter 1635

Right then, Weibo still hadn’t been fixed yet. Annabeth Cates tried several times before she finally managed to log in to Weibo… There was still a lot of discussion on Weibo’s hot topics. The ten previous topics still occupied the same spots on the list of hot topics. Annabeth Cates had over 9,999 unread messages on Weibo. When she opened her inbox, she saw that the messages were all from Josh Batton’s fans. “Tell me. What method did you use to seduce Josh? You’re shameless. Disgusting…” “You're worthless. Do you think you can become someone important by getting married to Josh?” “You must have set Josh up, right? You snuck into his bed, got yourself pregnant, and forced him to marry you. Aren’t you tired?” These spiteful comments once again annoyed Annabeth. Instead of replying, she quickly exited from the page. Right then, all the celebrities and bloggers she followed were all talking about what happened between her and Josh. The celebrities were half-heartedly offering t

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