Chapter 1628

Suddenly, Annabeth Cates' face turned even redder. Her barely noticeable expression said it all. Josh Batton had gotten his answer. Annabeth was such a good girl. There was no reason for him to let her down. Although Josh did have to sacrifice a lot by being with her, he was willing to do it. “It’s been decided then… Annabeth, I promise you I’ll do my best to fall in love with you…” Josh added. Although his heart already belonged to someone else, he believed he could replace Xyla’s place in his heart with Annabeth if he tried hard enough. At this moment, Annabeth found it hard to breathe. She was tongue-tied, and she couldn’t find the words to express herself. Since Josh had already said those things, she had no reason to refuse him anymore… However, she didn’t know if not refusing him was the right thing to do. Knowing what Annabeth was thinking, Josh didn’t speak any further. Instead, he silently took his phone out and logged in to Weibo… Right then, he had more than 9,999

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