Chapter 1627

Josh Batton really couldn’t understand why Annabeth Cates would behave like this. Annabeth was perhaps the only person in the world who was this selfless. Although Annabeth had ordinary appearances, she was extremely beautiful on the inside. “My happiness isn’t that important… Besides, by not being with you and getting an abortion, I can be happy in the future too… What if I meet a decent man in the future?” Annabeth said. “Could he be better than me?” Josh asked. “That’s certainly not possible,” Annabeth said. “There you go. Since you don’t have a boyfriend, this will be easy. Don’t overthink. Let’s get married…” Josh said without hesitation. His decisiveness instantly made Annabeth’s mind go blank… Get married… With Josh Batton. This was something Annabeth never dared to even think about in the past… “Why are you zoning out? Don’t you like me? Do you hate me?” Josh asked. “No… That’s not it…” Annabeth said. “What are you thinking then?” Josh asked. “I’m just wondering if

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