Chapter 1623

After eating the nutritious breakfast Josh Batton had prepared for her, Annabeth Cates walked down the stairs while rubbing her lower abdomen… She decided to go on a stroll somewhere… Without realizing it, she ended up in the hospital’s garden. After entering the garden, Annabeth saw a woman in her early thirties pushing a small boy, who seemed to be around three or four, on the swing from afar… The woman had her head lowered while she pushed the child, and the child kept laughing loudly. The heart-warming scene immediately made Annabeth’s heart ache. Annabeth thought about how this might have been a moment shared between her and her child if he or she survived. Unfortunately… This child couldn’t be brought into this world. Annabeth’s eyes immediately turned red when she thought of this. “I’m sorry…” Annabeth looked down and murmured as she gently rubbed her lower abdomen. The heart-warming moment between the mother and son, who were not far away, continued… The happier the

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