Chapter 1622

Josh Batton was very close to Annabeth Cates… Right then, she could see everything on his phone. When Annabeth saw those comments, she immediately began to worry. “Josh… Clarify things immediately. Otherwise, there will be all sorts of rumors… Letting things get out of hand won’t do your career any good.” Josh frowned deeply and looked earnestly at Annabeth’s face. “Are you sure about not wanting the child and being with me?” he asked. Annabeth’s heart felt numb again after hearing this… She silently tucked her hands under the duvet before clenching them tightly. “Yes, I’m very certain…” “Alright…” Only then did Josh frown and started writing a Weibo post. “Don’t make guesses… It’s nothing like that.” Josh felt troubled. He was just about to publish it, but his hand slipped. So he exited from Weibo. When Josh saw this, he logged into Weibo again. As soon as he got in, he saw that X Entertainment’s official Weibo account had already made an announcement in response to the rum

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