Chapter 1605

“Ahh… Josh is so gentle to his assistant…” “Are they not in a relationship? Sob-sob… I’m going mad…” “If Josh looked at me, carried me, and talked to me this gently, I’d be willing to die for him instantly.” “Sisters, I suddenly understand how those evil, scheming concubines feel in ancient palaces… Sob-sob… I really want to poison Josh’s assistant right now…” Annabeth Cates felt unsettled once again after hearing what everyone said. “Why don’t you give me a piggyback ride? It’s a little more acceptable for the fans…” If looks could kill, Annabeth believed that she’d probably have died countless times now. Annabeth knew that each of Josh’s fans must have wished she were dead. Josh glanced briefly at Annabeth’s skirt. “Are you sure?” Annabeth immediately shut up… It seemed like the skirt she wore today made it inappropriate for her to be carried from behind. Josh was still the attentive one. For now, Annabeth would have to allow Josh to do as he wished. However, she knew t

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