Chapter 1604

Josh Batton’s tone was extremely gentle… Everything about him felt gentle. Being carried like this made Annabeth Cates’ heart start pounding again just after she had calmed herself down… She felt something like a jolt in her heart. Her heart stopped beating for a split second. Fans at the scene who saw this happening felt heartbroken. Jealousy was apparent on their faces. How could the man of their dreams carry his assistant in front of them? To these women, being able to see Josh was already a luxury. They wouldn’t even dream of touching his hand. But this girl was able to be carried by Josh in his arms. How could they not be jealous? How could they not be heartbroken? All the female fans present nearly fainted. Who was the person everyone was most jealous of right now? It was none other than Annabeth. “Sob-sob… Josh is carrying her… Ahh… I wouldn’t even dream of being carried by him like that, but she actually got to experience it…” “Sob-sob. I wouldn’t even dare to fa

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