Chapter 1586

After that, the bodyguard in the forefront quickly opened the door for Xyla Quest respectfully… Once the door was opened, Xyla’s pink high heels were the first to land on the ground. Immediately after that, her long legs, graceful physique, and stunningly beautiful face appeared before the masses. At that moment, a few of the people who came out from Atlantis TV’s building were all captivated by her beauty. Despite having met countless beauties in the television company, they still couldn’t remain unfazed by Xyla’s beautiful appearance… Meanwhile, Team XS’s members in the luxury cars behind her quickly got out of their respective cars and walked up to Xyla from behind. Right then, Xyla looked like a female mafia boss with her imposing aura. Everyone else looked like her pawns. When Team XS’s members saw this scene, they were all shocked… After all, they had never experienced such preferential treatment before. Many people couldn’t help but inhale sharply. “Miss Quest, nice t

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