Chapter 1585

“Come to me if you have time… There’s something I’d like to show you…” Yaksha said. Xyla Quest immediately ran through her schedule in her mind… Her schedule seemed to be quite full… She only had a few hours three days later that were unoccupied in the afternoon. “Is it urgent?” Xyla asked. “It isn’t urgent. You can come whenever you want…” Yaksha replied. “In that case, I’ll come over in three days in the afternoon. Does that work for you?” Xyla asked. Yaksha wouldn’t contact her if there weren’t something important. Hence, Xyla knew that this was probably a critical matter… “Deal…” Yaksha immediately hung up after that. After working until five o’clock in the afternoon, Xyla quickly walked into her private bathroom. She took a quick bath and washed her face… After that, Xyla changed into a white blouse that she kept in the office… She matched it with a long, pink tuxedo coat on the outside… Underneath the coat, she wore a pair of short, black pants. It almost seemed like

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