Chapter 1583

“It’s all going well… I’ll soon be able to inflict the worst kind of pain imaginable unto Xyla before killing her, just like you told me to…” Betty Starmount said. “Betty, don’t play tricks on me. Don’t forget what you’ve pledged to me,” the man warned coldly. When Betty heard this, she immediately nodded respectfully. “Yes, I understand…” She said with a nervous look on her face. The man sneered without saying anything. Instead, he retrieved a cylindrical glass tube from his pocket that was full of tiny, transparent beads before tossing it onto the bed. “Make sure Jeremy and Xyla’s doses aren’t cut off…” “Yes… Master, I have a question. I can’t quite understand something,” Betty said. “Speak…” “You clearly told me in the beginning that I should find a way to kill Xyla directly. Why did you change your mind after that? Why did you replace the drug with something that takes longer…? Also, why must you make Xyla suffer in the worst ways imaginable before she dies? “Isn’t it much e

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