Chapter 1582

“Honey, is the bird’s nest I made delicious?” Betty Starmount immediately held Jeremy Quest’s hand seductively and asked after seeing that Jeremy had emptied the bowl of bird’s nest. Jeremy slowly put down the empty bowl in his hand. “Yeah, it’s delicious… But I’m getting sick of eating the same thing that you make for me every day…” When Betty heard this, her tone became even softer. “Honey, this stuff is good for your health… You have to eat it even if you’re sick of it…” “I don’t feel it’s been that good for me at all. Ever since I started eating bird’s nest every single day, I haven’t been able to sleep well…” Jeremy said. “How could it be caused by bird’s nest? Bird’s nest helps calm you down…” Betty said. With that, Betty smiled at Jeremy. “Honey, can we take bird’s nest properly?” Jeremy slowly shifted his gaze to Betty’s face and looked into her eyes. The moment their eyes met, Jeremy suddenly felt strong dizziness… Immediately after that, he felt an urge to do as Betty

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