Chapter 1565

This kind of treatment was something Rachel Wood’s parents had never experienced. The investigation lasted for half an hour. Once half an hour was over, the leaders left with the other law enforcers. After they had left, Rachel led Sebastian Brenand and her parents back to the dining room to continue with dinner. Due to those people’s extremely good attitude, Rachel’s father seemed unusually relaxed. He also felt extraordinarily pleased with Sebastian. After dinner, Rachel held Sebastian’s hand and walked out the door together. In the small town, it was very quiet at night. It was only slightly past twelve, but there were already very few people outside… Cold breezes blew against them, making them feel a little chilly. Sebastian hugged Rachel tight with a serious look on his face. “How do you feel? Are you cold?” Rachel shook her head… “It’s really peaceful here at night…” Sebastian commented. “Yeah, it’s a small area. So not many young folks stay behind. Besides, the nightl

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