Chapter 1564

The call was from an unknown number… When Rachel Wood saw this, she immediately picked up the call curiously. “Hello…” “Is this Miss Rachel Wood? I’m the person-in-charge you met in the afternoon at the police station…” “Yes…” Rachel said. “We’re now in front of your building, but the door to the building is locked. There wasn’t any response when we pressed on your house’s number… Could I trouble you to come down and open the door for us?” The person’s tone sounded very polite. When Rachel heard this, she instantly stood up and put on her white knitted sweater that she hung on a chair. “Okay, sure. I’ll be right down…” She said while preparing to head out. With that, Rachel hung up the phone. Sebastian Brenand quickly stood up when he saw this. He pressed Rachel back down to her seat. “Continue eating. I’ll get the door… It’s very exhausting for you to run up and down…” There wasn’t a lift in their building. So they’d need to take the stairs whenever they wanted to walk up or d

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