Chapter 1542

“Team XS is amazing. Xyla is the prettiest. Rich people really can spend their money as they wish. Ahh! I’m jealous.” “Team XS is amazing. Xyla is the prettiest. I feel like Xyla is the luckiest girl in the world, being spoiled by the Batton family like that. Sob-sob. The entire family loves her. I’m jealous…” However, Stanley Batton didn’t even look at the comment section. Instead, he exited Weibo. Meanwhile, Xyla Quest saw all of this. Although Xyla was very grateful that they helped promote her team, she felt pained that they spent thirty million dollars to do so. However, Xyla didn’t express much in front of the live stream cameras. Soon enough, her face appeared calm once again. At the same time, ‘#Stanley Batton’s twenty-million lucky draw#’ also made it onto the list of hot topics. It surpassed Josh Batton’s hot topic and claimed the number one spot… There was also the word ‘explosive’ at the end of the topic. The fact that the Batton brothers spent thirty million dolla

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