Chapter 1541

Josh Batton explained once again. Fame meant popularity… Meanwhile, popularity and results were the most basic ways of measuring a team’s commercial value. The greater a team’s commercial value, the greater the class of sponsors that would come knocking on its door. On top of that, the team would also earn more money. Most importantly, the team with the highest commercial value and popularity would also be where gamers dreamed of working. In the future, there would surely be more and more capable, casual gamers or youths with dreams in esports who’d approach the team after finding out about its reputation. For Xyla Quest, she prioritized the latter… While reading Josh Batton’s message, Xyla’s smile widened even further. She also felt a sense of warmth spread in her heart. The Batton family seemed to always prioritize her reputation… Xyla’s in-laws were definitely the best in Country Z. However, Xyla felt a little disturbed that they had spent ten million dollars just like t

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