Chapter 1538

Stanley Batton’s eyes suddenly turned red. While nobody else could see, Josh Batton’s eyes also turned red… Meanwhile, the broadcasting director was also smart enough to do a close-up shot of Stanley. At this moment, Stanley and Xyla Quest were showing their love to the world. On the live stream channel— “I’m fantasizing that Xyla said those things to me.” “Stanley Batton really is the luckiest man in the world…” “If you’re rich, you’d be a lucky man too.” “Xyla is obviously the apple of Stanley’s eye… I’m so envious.” “Xyla and Stanley really should be together for at least ten million years. Otherwise, it’d be difficult to wrap things up.” After that, Snowy interviewed the other members of Team XS. Once the interview ended, Alex carried the trophy and led Xyla backstage along with the rest. Although the competition had ended, the live audience’s passion hadn’t faded at all. Team XS’s fans were still shouting at the top of their lungs. “Team XS is amazing…” Even if Team

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