Chapter 1537

After the champion medals were given out, the president of Riot Games handed over the blue trophy for the most valuable player to Xyla Quest. There was a huge sapphire gemstone on the trophy. Below it, the words ‘Most Valuable Player in Season 10’s World Championship Finals’ were carved onto the trophy… When Xyla held the heavy trophy in her hands, she felt mixed emotions. Being able to bask in all this glory was completely an accident today. Xyla had never thought about playing games professionally. In fact, she never even thought of winning the world championship finals. However, fate was bizarre sometimes. It would never ask for one’s permission before granting something. Xyla held the sapphire blue trophy that glistened in her hands. She knew that this was something that all professional gamers wanted to own… Xyla also knew that she could get this trophy not just because of her talents but more so because of her teammates’ contributions. Once the awards were all given out

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